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22.07.2011 12:22 Category: Recent News
by Zama Lungu, BORDA Partner, WASAZA Zambia

WASAZA Soars amidst Challenges

VISION without action is simply a dream, and action without vision is simply passing time hence the Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA) understands that only action with vision can make a positive difference. For this reason WASAZA takes pride in its vision of actively contributing to a well-managed and efficient water and sanitation sector with competent water professionals and researchers.

Working in line with its vision and supporting partners WASAZA has developed various ground-breaking ways of generating revenue for its operations. One innovation for income generation has been the hiring out of the WASAZA meeting room. This is a well-ventilated hall, suitable for presentations, meetings, workshops, courses and other related occasions. In the recent past the hall has been hired by organizations such as Seeds of Hope and Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR), to name just a few.

Seeds of Hope, an organization in the water sector, has used the hall for a range of activities thereby forming a cordial working relationship with WASAZA. It is from this warm working relationship that Seeds of Hope hired the WASAZA premises, along with the hall, and built a Rain Water Harvesting Tank which was used for demonstrations during a water quality testing workshop.
With such a facility within its premises WASAZA’s ability to build capacity in the water sector through training, collaboration, networking and research has been greatly enhanced.  Furthermore, given the modest technologies at its disposal, WASAZA is aptly positioned to host any water sector related workshop with on-hand demonstrations. It can also offer workshop organization and documentation services at a minimal fee.

Hiring of the WASAZA hall or premises is not limited to organizations in the water sector, however, institutions in other sectors are most welcome too. It is good to know that should your organization hire WASAZA’s hall and, or, other facilities not only are you getting very good facilities at a reasonable rate but you are also contributing to the long-term work of WASAZA and, in turn, improved water and sanitation in Zambia.