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26.09.2011 09:31 Category: Recent News
by Anika Scholz, BORDA SADC Regional Office, Tanzania

Fruitful cooperation of BORDA and Hamburg Wasser - EU grant for water & sanitation project in Dar es Salaam

Since July 2010, the BORDA SADC Regional Office facilities in Dar es Salaam are shared with a representative of Hamburg Wasser.

Visit at the Ministry of Water

Hamburg Wasser is Germany‘s largest public owned water supply and wastewater disposal company. Daily, it supplies 2 million people in Hamburg and the metropolitan area with drinking water and disposes the waste water. With the cities of Hamburg and Dar es Salaam closely cooperating since 2005, their water and sanitation utilities in 2009 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and exchange know-how and information for mutual benefit.

Recently BORDA, Hamburg Wasser and DAWASA, together with partners from Germany and Tanzania, acquired a substantial EU grant to address needs and constraints in the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania.

DAWASA is the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority. It was founded under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in 2003. DAWASCO, a water sanitation utility founded in 2005, is mandated to provide water and sanitation services in Dar es Salaam city and parts of the Coast Region. The Corporation is responsible for the management, operation, and maintenance of water supply and wastewater disposal services.

The EU-funded project, starting at the end of 2011, aims to increase the capacity of the water and sanitation authority and utility as well as civil society organizations to deliver sustainable and improved water and sanitation services to peri-urban and urban areas of Dar es Salaam. It is implemented by a North-South Partnership between the German Utility Hamburg Wasser, the local water and sanitation authority and utility DAWASA and DAWASCO, the Tanzanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation, BORDA and local NGOs – a successful example of the town twinship between Dar es Salaam and Hamburg put into practice.

          Office opening (September 2010)                                Project planning for the EU proposal

In Dar es Salaam, where the project will be implemented over the next 3 years, only 65% of residents have access to safe drinking water and only 4% to a sewer connection. DAWASA and DAWASCO are mandated to provide services to approximately 4 million people, a number which is projected to increase by 4.3% every year. The challenge is huge; resources and capacities are limited, the existing water and sanitation facilities were partly constructed more than 50 years ago. The utilities face problems such as: inefficient metering and billing, unaccounted water losses, increasing pollution of drinking water and inadequate knowledge in applying appropriate technologies.
Against this background, the project is set up as a partnership for the transfer of knowledge and capacity development. In particular, three issues concerning water and sanitation service delivery will be addressed: 1. Financial sustainability, 2. Oriented intervention in planning and monitoring of water and sanitation service delivery, and 3. Sustainable development and maintenance of infrastructure. BORDA brings its local and international capacity building and implementation network into the partnership. Amongst others, BORDA’s role will encompass training on sanitation planning and operation, hygiene promotion, project coordination and internal project evaluation.