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25.07.2013 15:24 Category: WASAZA
by Christopher Kellner, BORDA Partner, WASAZA Zambia


While waste water ponds are not necessarily known as an environmental asset, the Livingstone waste water ponds feature quite a spectacular range of wildlife and natural beauty, as the ponds are directly adjacent to the Mosi o Tunya National Park. Hippos and crocodiles are living in the ponds, and the bird life is just exceptional. Also elephants are among the frequent visitors. However, the excessive growth of water hyacinths are affecting the waste water treatment function of the ponds, causing largely untreated sewage water to flow into the Zambezi, just upstream of the Victoria Falls

 Livingfalls  BioPower Ltd has been created as a company with the aim to convert the water hyacinth pest into 

environmentally friendly biogas on a sustainable basis,under a

7years BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) contract with South-

ern Water and Sewerage Company. The biogas is to be

piped and sold to the Hotels along the Zambezi water front

as well as to households in Dambwa Site Extension com-

munity, just north of the ponds. The biogas will replace

charcoal,firewood, electricity, and LPG gas as cooking energy. 

The intended prepaid biogas sales concept is the first of its kind in the World.

Further information is linked Initiates file downloadhere