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12.11.2013 12:32 Category: Recent News
by Annika Petruch, BORDA Tanzania

This time for Africa: BORDA BNS Network Meeting from 18th to 20th October 2013 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Once a year all BORDA Basic Needs Services (BNS) Partners around the globe meet for the “Annual BNS Network Meeting”, a platform where the different countries and regions share experiences, discuss ideas and collaboratively form the future of BORDA. This time the three-day conference was proudly hosted by BORDA SADC, Tanzanian Regional Office.

There is always a lot of excitement prior to the Annual BNS Partner Meeting - after all it is the largest and most important internal conference within the entire BORDA Network. This time not less than 35 participants from the BORDA Headquarter and partner organizations from Asia, Africa and Central America took part in the BNS Meeting. A variety of topics was discussed during three days of conference, supported by a permanent exhibition on ongoing activities within the regions.

The first day of the conference was mainly devoted to updating the Network members on recent events such as BORDA India being awarded a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or BORDA’s first-time participation in the 3rd International Water Association’s (IWA) Development Congress in Nairobi (Kenya). IWA’s congress is one of the world’s largest on rising trends and developments within the water and sanitation sector. The second day of the BNS Partner Meeting 2013 focused on specific challenges within the BORDA Network and the various regions. One central issue discussed in this regard was how to maintain a sustainable approach while scaling-up Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems  (DEWATS) and Decentralized Solid Waste Management (DESWAM). Saturday’s closing session was of a special kind and according to the participants the most important session of the entire conference: The participants discussed on the future of the BNS Network envisioning its identity and strategic orientation up to 2020.

The demanding conference program however was balanced out by a fantastic social program in the evening that also offered the opportunity to honor a special conference guest and longstanding BORDA supporter from India, Hon. Rajeshwari Mahadev Prasad, who BORDA Director Mr. Stefan Reuter thanked personally for his unparalleled contribution to the BNS Network.

On the 3rd and last day of the Meeting the program finally got practical: The hosts BORDA Tanzania invited their guests to a field trip visiting the Dar es Salaam based DESWAM site of Gongolamboto where the participants could experience waste management and recycling at first hand. After all it is those sites and projects that make BORDA work for more than 30 years already. And it is those DEWATS and DESWAM projects that make the BORDA Partners meet year by year in order to share, discuss and improve “Sanitation for all”.

We would like to thank all of our guests of the 2013 BNS Meeting here in Dar es Salaam for their visit and their vivid participation and we are already today looking forward to next year’s Meeting