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31.10.2013 13:35 by Tuseko Sindano, BORDA Partner, WASAZA Zambia


WASAZA, in conjunction with World Vision Zambia, organised an awareness workshop for the World Vision Zambia ZWASH Project with a particular focus on Biogas Technology in school sanitation. This three day workshop, hosted by WASAZA, was held from 23rd to 25th February and attracted 18 participants (WASH coordinators from different parts of the country & ZWASH project staff). The trainers and resource persons were from WASAZA and UNICEF.



WASAZA was approached by World Vision Choma to support the process of establishing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) and Biogas Technology know how within their organisation. 


On the first day of the workshop,  held at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, welcome and introductory remarks were given by Mr. Greenford Mucheleng’anga, the WASAZA General Secretary;  Mr. Jonathan Phiri, the WASAZA Chief Executive Officer; and Mrs. Joyce Mweemba, World Vision ZWASH Project, Sanitation & Hygiene Specialist, A presentation on DEWATS technology was later given by Mr. Golden Manyanga of WASAZA. He also took part in a  discussion; facilitated by external resource persons on sanitation issues (particularly in schools).  Mr. Christopher Kellner of WASAZA gave presentations on Biogas Technology for Beginners and Biogas in School Sanitation. All sessions were well received.

Day two of the workshop was dedicated to visiting sites in and around Lusaka to gain practical knowledge of biogas and other appropriate technologies. Participates visited WASAZA garden (a DEWATS & fertiliser producing toilet), Southern BioPower offices  (a Biogas plant in a housing area, without animals & biogas technology funded by the private sector), Pestalozzi School in Ibex Hill (a boarding school using DEWATS) and a Fish farm in State Lodge  (an agricultural biogas plant under construction).

On day three of the workshop, held in the WASAZA meeting room, Ms. Teza Nampasa of WASAZA gave a presentation on health impact assessments in schools. This was followed by another presentation by Mr. Manyanga on implementation steps for a DEWATS project. Group work, coordinated by Mr. Kellner followed, with participants learning about  the layout of DEWATS at a school. The workshop closed soon after lunch; after which a group photo was taken and final remarks were given. 


This workshop opened the door to future collaborations between WASAZA and World Vision Zambia. WASAZA prides itself in organizing and hosting high calibre workshops. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or require further information. We look forward to hosting you!