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11.08.2015 11:55 Category: News form BORDA Africa
by Christopher Kellner, BORDA ESA

International Capacity Building Tool for Biogas

There is growing demand for renewable energy technologies. BORDA’s Integrated Decentralised Sanitation Solutions systems can be a small scale solution for this demand. By adding further components that are easy to operate and to maintain BORDA’s Integrated Decentralised Sanitation Solutions generate biogas as a welcome energy source, especially suited for cooking.

Furthermore BORDA’s biogas system already won a still increasing popularity - mainly from farmers and all sorts of producers of organic waste, but also within the framework of sanitation projects.

In southern and eastern Africa BORDA receives requests from farms and markets, slaughterhouses, schools, other institutions, as well as individual households to turn organic matter and sewage into biogas and nutrient rich water for irrigation, and fertilizer.
As a first attempt to answer the demands, BORDA has built numerous biogas systems mainly in Zambia.

BORDA´s core business in the 1980ies was biogas technology. The technology is needed and we try to answer the demand through systematic teaching and training.

To ensure that technicians and masons as well as other stakeholder have access to the therefore required knowledge BORDA ESA and BORDA Iraq together with the organisations VESBE (Association of European Social Work, Training and Education) from Germany and TED (Technologies for Economic Development) from Lesotho are developing a biogas curriculum as a knowledge base for further dissemination of biogas technology.

For the time being, the curriculum is limited to low tech biogas systems, fixed dome plants and in-situ construction. The modular training to which this curriculum refers will have theoretical aspects, but will address practitioners in the field as well as more management-oriented people. It will be conducted partially in the classroom and on a practical building site.

Interdisciplinary cooperation is key when developing a curriculum. Biogas experts and educationalist have to work together.

For relevant impact of the integrated systems we will also need managers and awareness creators… but all these are meaningless without implementation capacity.

The biogas curriculum aims to develop and strengthen the capacity and quality for the implementation of BORDA’s biogas systems and will provide a structured certified training course to the iSEE training Centre.