SBS | School Based Sanitation

Worldwide, over 980 million children under the age of 18 do not have access to adequate sanitation.
Many school sanitation facilities in the South African Development Community (SADC) region are insufficient. Children have to face not only an unworthy and polluted environment but also a high risk of infection – according to UNICEF, hundreds of millions of school children are infected with parasites and worms due to unhygienic toilet conditions. Worldwide, 5000 children die every day from diarrhoea, which is caused by poor sanitation.
Insufficient toilet facilities also threaten or ignore the privacy and safety needs of school children. Fear and unhygienic conditions have a significant impact on education, particularly that of girls, causing significant absenteeism and even school dropouts.
During the process of DEWATS SBS implementation in schools, BORDA and its partners cooperate with willing local partners to reconcile the interests of all stakeholders to construct sanitation facilities which meet the needs of children and young adults. The service package is completed by education, evaluation and training programmes.

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