SanMap | Sanitation Mapping

Barriers to urban planning
The realisation of sustainable urban development is one of today’s main challenges for local governments.
Unplanned growth in urban areas has resulted in serious infrastructural problems. Local authorities need a broad and integrated development plan. However they are often unable to act due to:
•    the total lack of credible specific data (e.g. population density)
•    out-dated information
•    fragmented, decentralized data base
•    missing data digitalization
•    poor data standardization
•    insufficient networking and cooperation between different public service departments
SanMap is a GIS based software mapping and simulation system. This package allows the systematic location of available information and the development of a plan to upgrade sanitation and wastewater treatment infrastructure in a comprehensive manner. The mapping software supports various combinations of queries related to target group characteristics, geographic specifications and economic status.

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