ReSan | Sanitation for Real Estates

Poor sewerage in residential areas
Densely populated urban areas, individual houses, residential enclaves and apartment blocks are confronted with particular challenges related to wastewater collection and treatment:
•    Legal requirements for wastewater treatment
•    No opportunity to connect to a centralized sewer system
•    Space constraints on installing new wastewater treatment systems
•    Overflowing of septic systems during rain seasons
As a result, most urban real estate with on-site facilities has only a small septic tank for each household. In the majority of cases, this solution does not meet governmental guidelines on wastewater effluent, potentially polluting the environment and threatening public health.

DEWATS ReSan aims to overcome real estate sanitation problems. It is an affordable solution for on-site wastewater management giving independence from public sewer services and stimulating local job-creation and cost saving.

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