HoSan | Sanitation for Hospitals

Wastewater treatment for hotels and hospitals
Hotels and hospitals, as highly frequented institutions have to deal with similar specific requirements concerning the adequate treatment of wastewater. These include:
•    a high fluctuation of people and therefore a mostly high but un-steady load of wastewater
•    aesthetic and space-saving requirements
•    compliance to environmental standards
In addition, hospitals face the problem of how to deal with contaminated or toxic wastewater produced during normal everyday working procedures.

Generally, there are two main problems with common wastewater treatment technology: firstly, high capital costs of investment and operation and secondly, natural resource-intensity.
DEWATS HoSan provides an affordable, efficient solution to the wastewater requirements of hotels and hospitals, featuring:
•    efficient performance and non-dependence on energy
•    reliability and longevity
•    easy implementation and minimal maintenance

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