DEWATS | The System

“Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions” is a technical approach, not just a technology package
DEWATS applications are based on low-maintenance principles as most important parts of the system work without technical energy input and cannot be switched off intentionally.
DEWATS applications are state-of-the-art-technology at affordable prices because all the materials used for construction are available locally.
DEWATS is used for the treatment of domestic and organic industrial wastewater. Applications include: individual households, settlements, institutions, schools, hospitals and small and medium-sized enterprises. They are designed and dimensioned in such a way that the treated water meets requirements set by environmental laws and regulations. 
DEWATS applications are based on three basic technical treatment modules which are combined according to demand:
•    Primary treatment: sedimentation and floatation
•    Secondary anaerobic treatment in fixed-bed reactors: baffled upstream reactors or anaerobic filters
•    Tertiary aerobic treatment in sub-surface flow filters

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